Sunday, August 23, 2009

bali trip continued

so sorry my friends,
never ending story telling....
so, in order for all of you to know the real story, fascinated places, thing to be done and etc
do call me...easier maaaaa

now...we are at tanah lot
if u go there, make sure u stay untill sunset because that place is known
as a beautiful place in bali during sunset

here is known as pura ulun danu bratan
if u notice,
bali is full with temple whereby the location of the temple, serene
is so beautiful

this is musician that play musical instrument for barong dance

the barong

sunset at uluwatu temple

the kecak dance

to be continued my friends

happy ramadhan and may we be blessed through out this ramadhan month


FIRZA said...

nice series boss.....

KOYAN said...


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disinari bulan
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