Sunday, February 22, 2009

adik's birthday

last week on the 18 February 2009
saiful fahmy idham a.k.a adik celebrate his 30th birthday
so, what is his wish?
to have many kids
may Allah grant him with all His Kindness and Bless him together with his wife-reen
may both of them will live happily ever after.


nothing to do after long trip from kl
so, i decided to capture pictures around my house
finally i managed to spot this little creature
so, snap and upload it
due to my back pain to snap this little creature because it keep running and hiding


i'm embarrassed by looking into these pics because
i promise abg rem to do it asap but it take me nearly 3 months to
process these pics due to my heavy commitment

i will deliver this picture to abg rem because everything is settle.
to akeem and a'an
" dah bersunat ye korang"


Sunday, February 15, 2009

let macro


macro can be defined as
close-up photography whereby a small objects can be seen bigger than
it original size
macro photography is one of the art of photography that i like
due to the detail that we can get from it.
i'm just a beginner in this macro things
still, lots to be learned
so please pray for me friends
many thanks


Thursday, February 12, 2009

more pic [at] ulu dong

do enjoy the beauty of this place
do feel the freshness of the stream
do allocate ur time to be here
i'm sure with the GOD will
you'll be having a different perspective toward ur life

the face


i captured a few faces at lubok semok, ulu dong, raub
as a tribute to AD programme

may Allah guide all of u toward the glories day ahead.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

lubok semak [at] ulu dong, raub


i really enjoy seeing the beautiful nature scene at ulu dong, raub
thanks to ismadi, the ads' lecturers, the ads' students
for invited myself and kerie to join their event

lubok semak is so beautiful...damn beautiful
i fall in love once my feet step at the ground
with the local dishes served, it complete everything
really enjoy this trip and hopefully
one fine day, i can bring my family to this
lovely place

enjoy my pics friends.

Friday, February 6, 2009

i'm ready

i'm trilled, excited and sad
for my trip this afternoon
i'm thrilled and excited due to the trip for ulu dong (lubok semak) and FRIM
starting today until sunday
i really can't wait to see the beautiful nature landscape there
had heard so many story regarding this place
so, wait for my pics

i'm sad because i have to leave my lovely wife and kids for this trip
but i determine that if this place suitable for them
i'll surely bring them one day

so friends, wait for my pics

have a good weekend friends


Thursday, February 5, 2009

sunset at batu perenggi [penang]

everything in our life is like a wheel
sometime we will at the top
sometime we will at the bottom of the wheel

just the same as the sun
the sun will rise and we call it sunrise
it will surely down and we called it sunset
sun is so powerful
but the nature of Allah creation
that sun will rise and fall

so, we as human in this world should realize it
never under-estimate or become so cocky with what we have now
Allah can take back everything that we had
our life, our wealthy, our physical and mental, our family
and everything grateful to Allah due to whatever that He had grant us
always say Alhamdulillah
and InsyaAllah
Allah will bless more toward our life


Monday, February 2, 2009

penang trip

from 28 jan until 31 jan
myself and the whole family went to penang
in order to fulfill the request from
the kids

i captured a few pictures
just to share with all of you.

do enjoy it....


Miniclip Game - Paintball

disinari bulan

disinari bulan
gambar diambil pada 19 Julai 2008 jam 9.30 pm


a process that includes defining goals, establishing strategy, and developing plans to coordinate activities.

majlis aqiqah afeeq

majlis aqiqah afeeq