Tuesday, April 28, 2009

potluck for practical trainees

thanks to all my practical trainees
take care
may Allah grant all of u with His Kindness


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

it has been a while

it has been a while that i didn't update my blog
quite tight with my daily works
i'm going to complete the KPI
for all my sub-ordinate to achieve

i'm not a true believer in this KPI things
but i do believe that we need something/elements/index or whatever that we call
to measure or identify our performance

by then, we can know where does we stand

ok guys
have a nice day

Thursday, April 2, 2009

convo and special thanks

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Kuala Perlis is the second largest town and the main port of Perlis in Malaysia. It is in extreme northwest Peninsular Malaysia, near the border with Thailand. The older part of town has houses and mosques built on stilts over mangrove swamps.

Kuala Perlis is also famous for its seafood, especially Laksa.

i been to kuala perlis for my mba convocation day on the 28 march 2009

the trip started 26 march whereby we move straight toward kuala perlis

the journey begun at 9.00 am and we finally arrived there at 6.45 pm

so, the first night, we search for seafood that located in-front of our hotel (putrabrasmana) had a test in one stall and immediately felt in love due to the deliciousness and a good price offered.

thus, on friday, i headed to uum to take my robe and make picture booking.

settled my things around 12.oo pm and headed back to the hotel.

after friday prayer, we went for lunch. then, back to the hotel. at night, we wentback to the same stall that serve wonderful seafood with cheap price...damn cheap...we had 2 fish, 2 plate of sotong goreng tepung, 2 chili prawn, 2 terung bakar, 2 mentarang(only found in perlis), 2 telur dadar, 2 bowl of veggie soup...and just cost RM156....

an on 28 of march...all of us went for my convocation ceremony....arghh...the ceremony end until 1.30pm...so long...there are 5 speechs...so many maaaaa....after the end of the ceremony, we plan to take some picture but it was rain heavily, we get stuck....arghhhh...with empty stomach and full of people....we can't go anywhere...ishhhkkkkk

but finally, we get through and headed straight to jo cendul pulut around 3.00 pm to refill our empty stomach...after blurpppp...we headed to penang, holiday inn batu feringgi...got good price for the room from my newest friends...thanks june...

finally, on 29...my parent, zura and midie straight back to kuantan, and, myself, sayangku and my kids have to make a pit stop at bangi due to the meeting that i have to attend...arghhhh...letih maaaa

so that it a bit regarding my journey for my mba convocation day...

special thanks to my lovely wife...for being there for me...support me all the ways

for my kids...sorry, abah sibuk dulu...sekarang abah akan balas balik

to my parents, thanks emak and abah...for the supports, pray and be there during my convo...plus...taking care of me from baby until now....thanks emak and abah

for zura and midie...thanks for being there, bring your cars, and take care of ameer and afeeq during the convo ceremony

for azmie...thanks for spending time taking pics although you're so busy with moving out from penang to shah alam

for along...thanks for buying emak a new wheel chair..thanks long

for abah haji idham...thanks for the supports and convo gift (bg beg dunhill tu)

for adik, rin, abg rem, yong, nyah, ibu, mama & papa goh, naha...thanks for ur supports

to my friends...thanks frineds for supporting me...thanks

i really thankful to Allah for blessing me until i finish my studies...Alhamdulillah

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disinari bulan

disinari bulan
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a process that includes defining goals, establishing strategy, and developing plans to coordinate activities.

majlis aqiqah afeeq

majlis aqiqah afeeq