Monday, December 14, 2009



i'm catching up with all my surfing activities
thus, it make me short of time
sorry guys for that
will catch up asap

by then
enjoy my latest pictures


Monday, November 16, 2009

first of all, i would like to say sorry to all my friends due to my hectic works
i didn't manage to write in my bloq for so long
sorry friends

i didn't went for outing until 07 nov 09
that day, myself and few others went out for sunrise shooting
at teluk cempedak.

thanks Allah
for lovely morning
the sky was blue


Friday, October 2, 2009

lame yang amat


sahabat-sahabat sekalian
sorry bebanyok la, kawan lame sunggoh dok menjengah ke blog nih....
sibuk sesangat kebelakangan nie....

terpanggil kawan untuk menulis kembali setelah
berlakunya kejadian yang memelikkan kawan
mengusik jiwa kawan
bermain dalam kotak pemikiran kawan

apakah ia?....nescaya itulah persoalan sahabat2 sekalian

kawan dok memikir....guane sebenornya kita menilai seseorg
sebagai cthnya
adakah seorg pelacur tidak layak mendapat ruang di muka bumi ini?
adakah pembunuh, seharusnya kita benamkan sahaja dari muka bumi ini?
adakah seorg yang alim, bebas dari cengkaman syaitan?
adakah perlakuan baik, menunjukkan kebaikan seseorg?
adakah secara fizikalnya seseorg itu tampak jahat, dan sememangnya dia jahat?


pada kawan
sesorg harus dinilai dengan sedalam-dalamnya
Allah senantiasa membuka pintu kepada hambaNya
Allah tidak pernah berlaku zalim pada mahklukNya

dan ingatlah, jangan lah kamu berasa kamu baik, perlu utk kamu menyatakannya dengan selantang2nya....kerna Rasullulah menangis setiap malam, memohon kepada Allah agar diterima amalan beliau dan dikurniakan syurga...walaupun, Allah telah menyatakan beliau akan masuk syurga.

itu persoalan kawan....bagi la pendapat kepada kawan...kawan mempunyai pengetahuan yang cetek, dunia dan akhirat...ajarlah kawan sekiranya kawan salah

hok tu bab persoalan kawan
takpe sahabat sekalian....
kat sini kawan nak kongsi koleksi watercolor treatment kawan....



Tuesday, September 15, 2009

selamat hari raya


my dearest friends
thanks for all the supports that been given toward me...many thanks

in this ramadhan month toward syawal month
i would like to wish everyone

selamat hari raya
maaf zahir dan batin

halalkan makan minum, terkebas, terambil, terkurang balance dan sebagainya.

maafkan sekiranya ada terkasar bahasa, tersalah perbuatan, terteling sesuatu, terjerit kemarahan, terlepas bauan, tersinggung jiwa, tersalah pegang, terkutuk perbuatan, terngumpat dan sebagainya.

jemput datang ke rumah yang mana kena call dulu untuk mengetahui lokasi semasa


Sunday, August 23, 2009

bali trip continued

so sorry my friends,
never ending story telling....
so, in order for all of you to know the real story, fascinated places, thing to be done and etc
do call me...easier maaaaa

now...we are at tanah lot
if u go there, make sure u stay untill sunset because that place is known
as a beautiful place in bali during sunset

here is known as pura ulun danu bratan
if u notice,
bali is full with temple whereby the location of the temple, serene
is so beautiful

this is musician that play musical instrument for barong dance

the barong

sunset at uluwatu temple

the kecak dance

to be continued my friends

happy ramadhan and may we be blessed through out this ramadhan month

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

the journey begin [part2]


i'm going to continue my story telling to bali
due to the soundness (hahahahaha) by ikan
my closest friend in uum
she said that
'engko nie potong la, citer separuh jalan'
so with that i officially continue my stories

after check-in in lcct, counter 32(if i'm not mistaken)
oppssss..before that, i'm sick and tired with the mat salleh family in-front
on me during the check-in
they are so cocky; i said it already
they thought with their stability currency, they can simply
talk rubbish with the officer duty at the counter

they were piss off actually due to the problems of check-in the surfing board
damn big surfing board, and they have to pay extra too

anyway, after check-in, we straight away walk toward the terminal
and waiting for the flight
didn't manage to buy my oxygen(rokok) due to the perception that i had
that was the cigarette will be sold inside the flight
(i'm wrong)
let forget about that, below is the picture inside the plane
the upper pic was shot at malaysia airspace
the blue sky was quit duel that timethe was part of faces of my kids that enjoying their journey to bali

below is pic at indonesia, bali airspace
so them.

after 3 hour flight, we finally arrive at
denpasar international bali
the cloud was so dramatic, and i dicided to take the picture below and blend it using hdr technique from denpasar airport
we been pick-up by pak agong
very the very good driver cum tourist guide
he take care our safety and priority excellently
i'm 100% suggest him as ur driver cum tourist guide
if you want to explore bali.

we ride kia van whereby it can fit all of us, 11 adults and 4 kids
to mercure kuta bali
just infront of kuta beach (ala tempat mamat malaysia cium dgn minah mat salleh tu)

the kids really enjoy themselves when we arrived there
there was a pond, very nice pond, full of japanese koi
and my kids without any limitation
feed the fish
(jangan la ikan2 tu mati)
that is the end of day way
alamak belum lagi la
that afternoon we spent our time at uluwatu
to watch the famous temple there and kecak dance
but i'll upload the pictures next time
sorry friends
my eyes started to close down already

see yaaaa


Thursday, July 30, 2009

the journey begin [part1]


i'm quite free because i settle a few things this morning
thus, i'm going to write my journey to bali

it started on 22 july 2009
whereby i make a move to kl that afternoon with my family
to my younger brother house in puchong

we spent a night there.
early morning on 23 july 2009, we woke up at 6.00am
shower, breakfast and went to lcct terminal

there are so many people at lcct terminal
there are indonesian, malaysian, org putihan, org kurang ajaran and etc

got to calling me
see you again

psstttt; sorry for the unfinished story
will be continued

Miniclip Game - Paintball

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disinari bulan
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a process that includes defining goals, establishing strategy, and developing plans to coordinate activities.

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majlis aqiqah afeeq